Fredericksburg Grassfed Beef
Fredericksburg, Texas

Happy cows in fresh pasture
Our ranch is located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country near Fredericksburg. This ranch is family owned and operated.  Our cattle are primarily Hereford and Angus cross.  We strive to produce a black calf.  We have learned that an important part in producing tender meat is having gentle docile cows.  As we select replacement heifers their disposition is as important as their confirmation.  Having gentle stock makes working with them safer for the livestock and easier for us.   We operate based on organic principals.  We have not achieved organic certification for the ranch as of yet.   The herd health is maintained by frequent pasture rotation.  We do not use any antibiotics or hormones. We do use preventative vaccinations for our calves at 30 to 60 days of age.  Our pastures have not seen the use of herbicides or commercial fertilizers for over 20 years. 

Another important aspect of our operation is the fact that this herd has been wholly owned by our family.  Many of the cows in this herd have linage all the way back to the first cows brought to the ranch by our parents over 50 years ago. Their parentage goes back to my grandfather's herd which was started in the early 1900's.  We know where these cows have been all of their lives, they are Texan born and raised.
New Retail Location
Fredericksburg Grass Fed Beef is now available in Fredericksburg at The Peach Basket Natual Foods Store   We will be in their Store beginning the week of February 15, 2016.

2005 - 2016 DROUGHT

This drought has begun to release its grip on this area. We are in production but we are not as yet able to offer retail cuts.  I am writing this February 15, 2016.  The rain in the spring aand fall of 2015 was great.  We had some damage to fences in Blanco County and again this fall.  Rain has continued through November and it seems that El Nino is for real. Unfortunately the rains ended January 2, 2016.  As of this post we have been without measurable rainfall of 44 days. 
We have calves to harvest now and in the late spring of 2016.   If the weather continues to moderate we will be able to continue finishing calves for 2017

Anyone reading  this please go to our ranch facebook page!/pages/Fredericksburg-Grassfed-Beef/152979234723541 for regular update about goings on at the ranch.  We still have our breeding herd. 
Please Pray for rain.

Grass fed and finished beef is not an eighteen month old calf.  Grass fed and finished beef is at least 24 months old.  Many producers are trying to short cut this and are selling a poor quality product.  We sell only calves that are at least 24 months old.

We have calves available for slaughter beginning in May.  This is dependent upon the weather.  We do not do any grain supplemental feeding of our slaughter animals at all.  They are raised and finished in the same native pastures they were born.  This means that the animals have had a broad variety of plants from which to feed upon which in turn produces a healthier animal and a more flavorful meat.  We are now offering 24 to 28 month old animals for harvest.  These animals will have a higher degree of marbling than calves in the 14 to 18 month old age. 

We now have USDA labeling and are able to provide assorted retail cuts in packages of 10 pound increments.  Following is a table of cuts we have available.  Please note cuts denoted with an asteriks are speciality cuts.

Arm Roast (3-5 lb/pkg)
*Porter House Steak (2/pkg 1-3 lb)
Chuck Roast (3-5 lb/pkg)
* Bone In Rib Steak (2/pkg 1-3 lb)
*Arm Steak (2/pkg 1-3 lb)
Rib Eye Steak (2/pkg 1-3 lb)
*Chuck Steak (2/pkg 1-3 lb)
Round Steak (2-3 lb/pkg)
Boneless Brisket (8-12 lb/pkg)
Boneless Round Steak (2-3 lb/pkg)
*Bone in Brisket (8-12 lb/pkg)
Sirloin (2-3 lb/pkg)
Boneless Stew Meat (1 lb/pkg)
*T-Bone (2/pkg 1-3 lb)
*Chili Meat (1 lb/pkg)
New York Strip (2/pkg 1-3 lb)
Fajitas (1-2 lb/pkg)
Club Steak (2/pkg 1-3 lb)

Pikes Peak Roast (3-5 lb/pkg)
*Loin Tip (1-2 lb/pkg)
Rump Roast (3-5 lb/pkg)
Short Ribs (1-2 lb/pkg)
Soup Bones (1 lb/pkg)
Tenderloin Fillet (1-3 lb/pkg)
Hamburger  (1 lb/pkg)
Heart (1/kg)
Liver (1 lb/pkg)
Tongue (1/pkg)
If specialty cuts are desired a whole half must be purchased and a nonrefundable deposit of ½ the cost paid in advance of the slaughter date.

We use an USDA inspected slaughter house in Fredericksburg to do our processing.